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Remote Control Access

Open your gates from your mobile phone using our Free Mobile App.

Download our free mobile remote control app for all mobiles Android or iPhone and forget key fobs and passwords. Tap the App on the ‘Open Gate’ page to contact our office and get set-up.

You will be able to open your gate from where ever you are so if a tradesman or guest or member your family needs access you can oblige from your mobile phone.

There are more security features that may be available depending on your system requirements so dont forget to discuss these when you contact us.




mobile remote control

Remote controlled access or a keyless entry system is the most popular form of operating electric swing or electric sliding gates. But now you can open your gates using your mobile phone when you download our FREE mobile App. Stay connected in the event of any emergency or access problem with a direct link to our offices. Our electric gates have both key fobs and keyboards with specific codes to operate them. Some of these are out of plain sight and concealed for security or aesthetic purposes. But what can be better than not having to worry about any of these when you can access your property with your mobile phone.

Use the contact image below for more information or tap the App download access above depending on what device or operating system you use.



mobile remote control


Generally, operating electric gates to open and close is done remotely on approach and can be done using several different methods.These systems, have evolved into a hidden touch-activated keypad but the most traditional and popular is a remote control key fob. Science and advanced technology offers vicinity detection, voice and biometric (fingerprint, iris) recognition all offering different degrees of security.


Science and advanced technology offer vicinity detection, voice and biometric (fingerprint, iris) recognition all offering different degrees of security.


We are able to fit and maintain most keyless entry system depending on your requirements. You may prefer a lock controlled by a keypad located at or near the driver’s door that requires pressing a predetermined (or self-programmed) numeric code for entry. This can also be controlled by security telephone.

Whatever your choice or preference we can discuss the options you have. The key fobs available now are far less cumbersome than the previous models and in many cases are part of a keyring and unobtrusive. There also swipe pads that recognise credit card style passes or cards on lanyards.

When required we can install pedestrian access separate to the main gate system for added security and convenience.

The GSM Activate Electric Gate Opener incorporates a professional industrial grade GSM engine that receives calls at its SIM number, as any ordinary GSM phone. The system operates in the GSM module Quad-band 850/900/1800/1900 Mhz. Just to give an example, if your SIM has a phone number 7922 7922179, that is the number you have to call to open the gate. This, of course, would be added to your shortcode memory.

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mobile remote control


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